Food log 2.16.13

Breakfast (9am)
2 hardcooked eggs
1/4 cup peaches

Snack (2pm)
15 gluten free multigrain crisps (these)
1 oz. smoked cheddar cheese
1 stalk celery with 1 T. peanut butter

Dinner (8pm)
Gourmet Chili Dogs (this recipe for the chili and 2 Oscar Meyer Angus Selects beef franks) - no bun
Raw veggies - broccoli and  red peppers

Daily Totals
Calories: 1,141
Carbs: 58
Protein: 58

Well, that's an example of how NOT to eat. I had zero appetite, and by 2 o'clock my blood sugar was definitely low (headache, nausea, tired). I ate a snack, took a nap, and still wasn't hungry. My protein total for the day is about half of what it should be, but at least the carb number is good..

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