Dusting off the sneakers

In 2010 I did Couch to 5K and then ran three 5K races. I quit running after that for a multitude of (lame) reasons but I always promised myself I'd get back to it because I enjoyed it so much. Today I went for a run with my sister-in-law and my best friend.

I was only able to run a quarter mile stretch before I had to stop and walk. We did 2 miles, and I think I ran half of it, with walk breaks between each quarter mile. My first day running Couch to 5K back in 2010, I wasn't even able to run for 60 seconds! I'm excited to see how quickly I can get back up to being able to run a full 3 miles. (Hey, I might even be able to do a 10K by autumn! Woa.)

My friend struggled a lot, but she's determined to do a 5K this year so I'm pretty sure she's gonna stick with it. (In fact, she wants to go out again tomorrow. I told her to call me in the morning when she realizes she can't move...haha.) My SIL, though, was once a skinny girl who ran 6 miles a day in college, so I think she was frustrated and disappointed today. I don't know if she's gonna stick with it.

*I also learned a very unfortunate lesson. Do not drink about 10 bottles of water before heading out in the afternoon for a run. Before, I was always a morning runner so I never had to deal with the consequences of being overhydrated. I either had to wet myself or pee in the bushes. I'm not gonna tell which one I chose.

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