Oh. The Feels.

I Touch Myself (The Divinyls)

No, this post isn't as raunchy as this song. *wink* But it is what popped into my head when I was thinking about what I'm sharing here.

I've kinna been battling this "Is anything changing?" doubt. The numbers on the scale and the measuring tape are decreasing. The size labels in the clothes are smaller. But when I look in the mirror I just cannot see it.

This morning after my shower I was lathering myself with body oil. (Burt's Bees. So luxurious. So yummy smelling. So good for my dry winter skin. *end commercial*) And as I did so, I discovered something. My hands know that my body feels different. Like, quite a lot different. I'll spare you the details but....definitely less fat and more bone & muscle. It was pretty freakin' awesome!

So, if you're struggling with some doubts about your weight loss, I encourage you to touch yourself (and maybe sing this song. Loudly.) Oh. The Feels!

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