Previous races

Today I came across the info from the 5K races I ran in 2010.

July 17
Time 46:30 (14.9 min mile)
Weight 224

August 21
Time 43:36 (13.9 min mile)
Weight 224

October 24
Time 42:12 (13.5 min mile)
Weight 210

When I do the Color Run in June, I'm hoping to weigh in the high 180s, which means I will be about 20 pounds lighter than I was in my final 2010 race. With only a 14 pound weight loss over the time span of those three races, I increased my minute time by 1.4 so I'm thinking that 20 pounds is going to make the Color Run an entirely different experience. Also, that July race is right here in my hometown so I think I'm going to enter that as well. I'm even debating about doing the 10K! *eek*

Of course, how much training I'm able to do is going to factor into this as well. Right now Mother Nature is being a beeyatch; I  don't think it's ever going to warm up here in Ohio!

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