Good news!

I lost 3.2 pounds this week! That is far and away the most I've lost in one week thus far. I can't believe I only have about 12 pounds to go to my goal of losing 50 pounds. Woa.

New hairstyle plus losing weight equals the awesomeness of people not recognizing you. Many people at work said they had to do a double take to even realize it was me. Two co-workers told me that people from other departments asked them who the "new girl" was. I ran into someone from high school and she gasped, "You look so different! You've lost a lot of weight! And you look so young!" And a regular customer looked puzzled when I remembered his usual order. I told him that of course I knew what he wanted because he always gets the same thing. He continued to look puzzled for a moment, and then his eyes widened and he said, "Oh, wow. I didn't even know who you were."

AND....after two years as working as a temp at Job 1, I'm getting hired in on June 1. It will still only be part time so I'll have to keep Job 2, but hooray for job security! Plus, I'm getting a $2/hr raise. Woohoo.

I am a very happy girl right now!


  1. That's so great!! You've worked hard and are sticking to it - enjoy the rewards!