Shopping fabulousness!

Today was the City Wide Yard Sales event and it's a tradition for me to attend with various assorted family members. The shopping is always great and we have so much fun. I bought oodles of clothes!

At one of the sales, the man running the sale told everyone to pick out whatever they wanted and tell him how much they wanted to pay. (Love those sales!) I found a pair of new-with-tags jeans in a size 8. I figured I could toss them in the Maybe Pile because I might be able to wear a size 8 someday. I also found a pair of new-with-tags running tights and a black blazer with bows on the button placket. I offered the guy $1 for the three items and he accepted my offer. Score!

And those size 8 jeans? I CAN PUT THEM ON! I CAN ZIP THEM UP WITHOUT LAYING DOWN! But - um - I can't quite breathe while wearing them. Ha. So I'm going to wait a few weeks and see how they fit. DUDE! SIZE 8! Mind blown.

At another sale I found a winter coat (which I was on the lookout for). It's full length, belted, dark grey with an enormous fur collar and marbled buttons. I fell in love with it when I saw it on the hanger. It didn't have a size tag, though, and it looked TINY. But I decided to try it on anyway because I really have no concept of my size at the moment. I mean, my brain still wants to try on size 18s. The coat fits PERFECTLY and looks absolutely amazing, like it was tailor-made for me.

I also got a bunch of tops and blouses, one sweater, an American Eagle hoodie, and a crazy dress that has a poofy hem with layers of black and polka-dotted netting. (I have no clue where I'll wear it but I just had to have it.) And a denim jacket that is a bit small but that I had to get because I love how it's cut.

I also got two cute skirts but *&^@ I hate skirts. I'm just totally the wrong shape for skirts. Why do skirt designers assume women have tiny waists? Both skirts are size 14 but are about 4 inches too small in the waist for me. I can put on a pair of size 8 jeans but can't wear a size 14 skirt? WTH!

Grand total spent for a winter coat, a denim jacket, and three bags of clothes? $8! I'm a rock star.

My sil and I also stopped at the farmers market where I got a container of these odd little things:

Ground cherries. It's in the nightshade family (like a tomato) but it is very sweet and tastes sort of like a grape or a berry. It comes in a husk and is about the size of a small cherry tomato. So yummy! I'm definitely going back next week to see if the seller has more. I also got sugar plums, kale, brussels sprouts, an eggplant, some hot peppers, and a dozen eggs. And I gazed longingly at the felted goat's milk soap. I used one of these at a friend's house and wanted to spend the whole day in the shower. But $10 for a bar of soap? Maybe next week.

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