365 Dresses

There is something about fashion that fascinates me - how it is a form of art for the designer and a means of expression for the wearer. And nowhere is this better exemplified than in the bridal gown. Browsing wedding blogs and sites is a bit like a trip to a museum for me.

I recently realized that I had some 100+ pics of dresses bookmarked and that I really should organize/display them somehow. I debated about putting them up on pinterest but decided instead to create a tumblr blog. I preferred this format because I can set up the whole thing in advance and set it to autopost instead of having to tinker with it constantly to have new posts. And tumblr is a great blogging platform for a photos-only blog.

So if you - like me - adore the art of fashion (or if you're just curious!), please visit my tumblr blog. 365 Dresses: one bridal gown every day for a year.

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