And....I'm back!

At the beginning of November, I cut my finger when I was doing dishes and a casserole dish shattered in my hand. I managed to get that cut in just the right spot, in just the right way to sever both tendons in the finger so I had to have surgery the week before Thanksgiving. I had a cast until the middle of January.

I was exhausted. I was in pain. And everything was complicated. I could barely shower, or dress myself, or cook, or clean the house, or type. (Also, do you have any idea what it's like to deal with snow boots, coat, hat, gloves, etc. when you're one-handed? OMG.)

I pretty much depended on people to bring me food. They got the gluten free part, but not really the low carb part so my eating was wildly off-plan. And my physical therapist discouraged me from exercising because of potential problems with re-injuring my finger, elevated blood pressure. etc.

So, for 4ish months I was a whiny pathetic carb-consuming blob. And I gained about 15 pounds. And it's taking me most of March to get my head back in the game.

But now I'm back and I'm gonna kick that scale's ass. And when it FINALLY stops snowing (grumblegrumble) I'll start running again.

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