And a happy Easter it was

It was just a marvelous day.

I had a fabulous time with the family. (My great nieces and nephews are simply the cutest things ever!)

I ate oodles of delish food. We did brunch so it was pretty easy to eat low carb. But calories? Um, maybe not so much. It was pretty much my only meal of the day, though, so I'm not going to worry. My contribution to the meal was BACON JAM which is so amazingly yummy it's practically supernatural. Definitely not diet food but so worth every single calorie. And I made low carb gluten free "bread" puffs to slather the jam on. (You can get the recipe for the jam HERE and for the puffs HERE.)

And I got lots of comments from people who haven't seen me since before I started to lose weight. (I wore jeans and a sweater instead of the more "Easter appropriate" outfit I'd chosen because I decided I just couldn't handle feeling fat and frumpy all day.) And when my mother said she was really noticing the loss in my face, I wanted to cheer because it seems that I really struggle to show on weight change there.

A day full of fun and relaxation and family.....it was exactly what my weary spirit needed.

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