E Coli Poop

Supposedly, aspartame is made from e coli poop. Ewwww! I'm not even sure what that means but it sounds disgusting. Even if it is just conspiracy propaganda, there's no denying that aspartame is NOT a healthy food choice.

But I seriously love Diet Coke. And Diet Dr. Pepper. And Diet Dew. I don't drink a lot (one can a day, max) but I'm not quite sure I could live without it. I love the flavor and I love the bubbles. And I just want to drink something besides water all the time.

I recently discovered Zevia, a soda that is sweetened with stevia.

Supposedly stevia is a healthier no calorie sweetener because it's plant based instead of chemically manufactured. (Of course those conspiracy propagandists have nasty things to say about it as well). Zevia comes in a ton of flavors - cola, cherry cola, lime cola, fake Dr. Pepper, fake Dew, ginger ale, rootbeer, orange, grape - but it's not cheap (about $5 for a six pack). I think I might just have to try some Zevia as an alternative to my diet soda enjoyment.

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