Food log 3-19-13

Breakfast (5:15am)
Ham and Egg Cups (recipe) - I added some hot pepper cheese
1/2 cup cottage cheese with 1 pineapple ring

Lunch (11am)
Roadside Diner Cheeseburger Quiche (made with potato crust) (recipe)
Raw veggies (carrots, broccoli, red pepper) with blue cheese dressing
1/2 banana

Dinner (5:45pm)
2 oz. sirloin steak tips and 2 oz. shrimp, marinated and grilled
Cheddar Roasted Broccoli (recipe)
1/4 cup blueberries and 1/4 cup diced kiwi

Daily Totals
Calories: 1,390
Carbs: 59
Protein: 100

It was a hungry day. My numbers were spot on for breakfast and no different than usual but I was ravenous by lunch time. And about two hours after I'd eaten lunch, my tummy was wondering when the next meal was.    It is so weird that these hungry days happen with no logical reason that I can determine. The big triumph, though, is that it seems I've gotten my blood sugar stabilized enough that I can get this hungry and not have a wacko-scarey sugar reaction.

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