Testing. 123. Testing.

A couple times a year my family (siblings, nieces and nephews, cousins, etc.) get together for a night of game playing and snacking. It's a total blast and I love it!

The thing is, my family members are all fantastic cooks. (I even have a cousin who is a trained chef and a niece who is studying culinary arts & nutrition.) So the snacking part of these gatherings is a huge deal. It's not chips and French onion chip dip. It's lots of yumlicious made-from-scratch stuff (like buffalo chicken dip, and hot artichoke dip, and hot & cheesy corn dip) as well as oodles of desserts. I simply cannot go and not eat. Impossible.

But I certainly plan to exercise moderation. I've logged all the rest of my food for the day, so I know about how much wiggle room I have with my numbers. It will all be guesstimating but I hope to be somewhat successful. And if I go a little over on carbs or a little under on protein, it's not gonna kill me.

And I plan to focus more on the game playing (which is fierce! and intense!) than on the food. Which I haven't always done in the past.

And I bought a new outfit to wear. (Cheaply, from the thrift store, cuz I'm expecting it not to fit in a month or so.) I'm hoping the fab SIZE 15 denim trousers and cute SIZE L blouse (in a terrific shade of chartreuse) will remind me that there things in life more important than buffalo chicken dip. :)