Today: The bad & the good

The bad: I'm trying to kick my diet soda habit so I don't keep it in the house. Occasionally, like once a week, I'll allow myself to buy one at the drive-thru or a convenience store. Considering the cost is about the same for a 22 ounce fountain drink as it is for a 12-pack, I'm really not tempted to indulge terribly often. Today, while out running errands, I stopped at Burger King for a Diet Coke. Just a Diet Coke. But then...I saw it. A new menu item. Loaded Tator Tots. OMG. I just couldn't NOT order them. So, epic fail on the impulse eating. 380 calories and 36 grams of carbs. And do not ask me about the sodium. Also *oh joy* they have a wheat allergen warning. My tummy doesn't seem to be reacting to the wheat but one impulsive choice just blew 3 months of wheat free eating. Drat.
The good: It was sunshiney! It was 50+ degrees! I went for a run! It was grand!

The bad: My sil made me a gluten free Cadbury cupcake. (It's like a Cadbury egg but in cake form.) I ate it.
The good: My sil took some progress photos of me. Wearing the fab Aéropostale jeans I just bought recently. The pics look great in the little view thingy on the camera. Hopefully she'll be able to figure out how to load them onto her computer so I can share them.

The bad: I look fat and frumpy in the only outfit I could pull together to wear for Easter Sunday.
The good: My manager at Job #2 commented on my weight loss today when I went in for my schedule.

The bad: I watched 3 episodes of FlashForward instead of working on my to-do list. (Read: the health department is about to condemn my apartment if I don't get off my ass.)
The good: I packed up 3 boxes of too-big clothing to donate to the thrift store!

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