Onederland, 3DS, and a tiny triumph

I made it to Onederland! Hooray! I started the 30 Day Shred. Ow!

And I found out today at work that we're having a breakfast meeting next week. Oy. The easiest thing to do would be to just eat before instead of at the meeting but that would be rude and weird and awkward. But what if it's what a lot of people consider breakfast food - muffins, pastries, pancakes, etc.? Then I wouldn't be able to eat anyway and I'd be starving.

So, I did the smart - but scary - thing: I told my supervisor that I'm on restricted diet and needed to know if there is any way that can be accommodated. She was very polite and professional and didn't ask for any details. She just said she'd contact human resources about it. Later she told me that hr will provide me with the planned menu and the name of a contact at the restaurant who I can call with any questions. And if there is absolutely nothing on the planned menu that I can eat I am allowed to arrange with the restaurant for a special meal. Sometimes it's the tiny triumphs that make us happiest.

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