This week there are several days when the weather forecast shows the temps will be in the high 70s. Hooray! I LOVE summer! I LOVE warm weather! But...we don't have air conditioning at work. The heat doesn't bother me but it definitely requires the appropriate wardrobe. 

A few weeks ago I picked up a few pairs of shorts at the thrift shop that I hoped would fit by mid-May, which is when I expected the weather to change. Obviously, summer is arriving a bit earlier than I had planned. I decided to try on those shorts today just in case I might be able to wear them this week. 

Oh, they fit! Guess what size they are?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am now the very happy wearer of SIZE 12! That's freakin' off the awesomeness chart. The pair of mens size 36 shorts fits as well. One good thing about being man-shaped (no hips, no butt) is that mens clothing fits me too.  (Weirdly, my size 13 jeans don't fit yet. Isn't 13 bigger than 12? Math fail.)

So, yeah. Lovin' the sunshine and rockin' the SIZE 12s!


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