T4CR and food log and stuff

I got so many compliments on my new haircut at work that it was crazy. And several people said they had to do a double take to even realize it was me. Happiness!

I had a surprise attack from the Whoosh Fairy this morning and weighed in at 187.8. Guess who wore their size 13 jeans today? *grin* I'm glad I was able to wiggle into them because the temperature dropped today - 30 in the morning, barely 60 in the afternoon - and I thought I had no pants that fit.

Food log. I woke up ravenous and ate a huge breakfast, so much so that I wasn't hungry at all for lunch. I ate a quick snack (grapes & crackers) before heading out for a run in the afternoon. Then I took a shower, ate a snack (cottage cheese & blueberries), and fell asleep (because I slept for crap last night). No dinner. So, my numbers for today are pretty ridiculously low and I'm not gonna post them.

Training for the Color Run (heretofore to be referred to as T4CR). I'm following this program and today was run or run/walk for 30 minutes. I ran a mile, walked a half, then ran another mile. It wasn't an easy run day, but I blame that on my food (or lack thereof).

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