Training for the Color Run 5K (Day One)

The Color Run 5K is in four weeks and I am so NOT ready. I've decided to work on this 5K training plan, but I'm starting at Week Three so I can reach the end by race day.

On the program today was strength training. (I really wanted to go for a run but I'm stickin' to the plan!) I looked through my workout DVDs and nothing appealed. And then I found this - Basic Strength Training Workout for Runners. It's a series of seven moves that you do for 2 sets of 15 reps. (Yes, I had to google to figure out what that meant.)

I'm always skeptical of these types of workouts. It just seems weird to follow a list of instructions and move. Workout routines, like DVDs or classes, make more sense. I don't know why. I realize it's kinna stupid.

So, I put on some tunes and went through the routine. It was harder than I expected but it was totally doable. And I felt pretty great afterward - not exhausted but just hot and loose. Wait, does that sound wrong?

Tomorrow is a 30 minute run. Yay!

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