T4CR: Speed Work

Training for the Color Run (T4CR) following this program.

Wednesday was rest OR cross train. Since I worked both jobs, I took a rest day.
I switched Thursday/Saturday, so on Thursday I did a 2 mile run.
Friday was another rest day.

And today was SPEED WORK.
1 mile warm-up
hard 1/2 mile
easy 1/2 mile
hard 1/2 mile
1 mile cool down.
I was pretty skeptical about this. I have two speeds - slow and even slower. Or so I thought.

I jammed it the first hard 1/2. It was NOT easy. I thought I was gonna die. I was definitely on the edge of my comfort zone. It was very very very very very hard to keep running when I switched to the easy 1/2. I was so ready to walk. And the final hard 1/2 was......ugly. My pace really wasn't much faster than the easy 1/2 and I got a side stitch for the first time ever.

I basically thought the run sucked. Until I uploaded my run to Nike+, logged into the my account, and saw THIS:

Holy crap, Batman!!!!!  That's like, crazy!!!!  

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