Color Run 5K

My bff, my sil, and I participated in the Color Run 5K on Saturday. It was EPIC FUNNESS!!!

For those of you unfamiliar with the Color Run (what planet do you live on?), it's a 5K race where runners are splashed with colored cornstarch at intervals throughout the race so that by the end you look like you've been attacked by Jackson Pollack.

It's not a timed race and it's really more about the fun than the run. Everything slowed down when people got to the color stations and attempted to get as colorized as possible. Some people even got down on the pavement and rolled in the excess color that coated the ground! And people stopped to get their pics taken by the race photographers and there were lines at the port-o-potties along the route. Yeah, no one was really in a hurry to get to the finish line. :)

I totally loved that there were people of all ages, shapes and sizes. This wasn't a race for athletes; it was a race for everyone. That is just awesome. There was such a buzz of happiness and adrenaline, and the race was very well organized (which is quite a feat for a race that had 10,000 participants!).

Before the race (I'm on the right)

And after the race (I'm in the center)

And can I just confess that I'm thrilled to be able to look at the race pics and realize that I don't look like an enormous hippopotamus?!? In fact, I almost look thin!

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  1. Nice Photos! You look very happy.