Photo comparisons

At the Color Run, my bff snapped a photo of my profile. I was really dreading seeing the picture because I always hated the evidence of my horribly puffy fat face that was so obvious in profile, like this pic:

I was utterly delighted when I saw the pic from the Color Run, though.

I still don't really have a jaw line, but it's definitely an improvement!

And then there's this pic, which always has made kind of sad. It's from my brother and sister-in-law's wedding, and it's really a nice photo, except that I look so terribly fat.

My sil and I did a face-by-face shot at the Color Run, and I definitely like this photo much better.


  1. The first and best thing I noticed when losing weight was a completely different look in my face. This is what happened... my eyes got bigger, and literally my hair got thicker. It wasn't that it got thicker. It was that the skin over my head was no longer stretched and my hair didn't have space between the strands. Seriously I used to have slight holes in the crown and the part area. I thought I was losing my hair. But I swear it was that my face skin was just stretched out.

  2. I think you're very photogenic, but I know what you mean about taking pictures when you put on weight. I don't even have a picture of myself on my blog... well at least not of my face, just my body. That's how embarrassed I am. I'm following you now. Maybe we can encourage each other.

  3. I found your blog through 3FC!! What wonderful progress! Way to go lady, keep up the great work!!!!!