Sexy oatmeal

Autumn = oatmeal.

I love oatmeal, but for some reason, it's just wrong in summer. One of the very few things I look forward to as the weather turns colder is the return to oatmeal for breakfast. (Other autumn loves: corduroy slacks, woolen sweaters, boots, tights, changing leaves, the greyish-gold colour of twilight that only happens at this time of year, that very particular autumn scent that is impossible to describe but is oh-so-wonderful, pears & apples & pumpkins & squash, and a simmering pot of comforting soup.)

I was poking about the internet today searching for new oatmeal-fruit combos and as I did so I started thinking about how much I love the flavor combo of apples and sharp Cheddar. Could you do that with oatmeal, I wondered. Indeed you can.

Steel-Cut Oats with Maple-Roasted Apples and Cheddar
Bacon in oatmeal also sounds like a fantastic idea.

Maple Bacon Oatmeal
And as I explored this idea of savory oatmeal I discovered this craziness:

Sexed Up Savory Oatmeal
I have no idea why it's called Sexed Up Savory Oatmeal (lol).  But my mind is kinna blown by the idea of putting an egg on top of a bowl of oatmeal. Brilliant, I think. Quite so.

I've always done oatmeal-with-fruit and a side of eggs. But oatmeal-with-eggs and a side of fruit? Breakfast will never be the same.

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