The real shape of things

Am I the only one who thinks their body is a total freak of nature and who believes that all other women surely look like this?

I've developed a weird weight loss problem: my left breast is shrinking but my right breast is exactly the same size as it was 55 pounds ago. I mean, it's not even like comparing a cantaloupe and a slightly smaller cantaloupe. No, it's more like comparing a cantaloupe and an apple. (And we're not even going to discuss the whole change in shape/structure issue caused by age and weight loss.)  Firm and round and perky and symmetrical, as pictured above, are not words that can used to describe my breasts.

I was lamenting about this on the 3FC forum and someone shared this link for an art exhibit that celebrates the true shape of women's bodies, like this picture:

Sure, there are a few women - with good genes (and/or a great surgeon) - who look like Bikini Girl up there. But the real shape of things? Most of us look like the women who were used as models for the art exhibit. We're saggy and bumpy and uneven, and everyone of us is a unique kind of beautiful. Go look at those pics...and then go look in the mirror and tell yourself that you're amazing!

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