Baffled by sizes

On the 3FC site, someone recently posted this size chart. According to that chart, I shouldn't be able to wear pants! My waist is 33 inches (size 16 on the chart) and my hips are 37 inches (size 6 on the chart). I'm actually wearing sizes 10 and 11.

One of those size 10s is a pair of Diva jeans from Old Navy so I went to their website to check the size chart. The measurements of Old Navy size 10? Waist 29, hips 40. Based on that chart, those jeans shouldn't fit me. But they do...and they're well-fit and very comfortable. My measurements for Old Navy are actually closer to a size 16 but here's the funny thing: I owned these exact jeans - same brand, same style - in a size 16 and they've been too large since March - 40 pounds ago!

Sizes are weird. And apparently my body is even weirder.

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