What happened to September?

I feel like September is a broken hourglass with all the sand pouring out. How is it already nearly the middle of the month?!? I have accomplished NONE of the goals I set for the Back to Basics challenge (which I posted about HERE).

I do have one teeny tiny excuse: my old clunker of a car suddenly decided to be very broken (brakes, transmission, some exhaust gasket thingy). Ugh. So I  have spent entirely too much time car shopping (which is annoying and stressful and frustrating) and that's limited the time I could spend on exercise and hobbies. Plus, the cheap supermarket is further away than the local one and I didn't feel safe driving there. I can get two times as many groceries for the same price at the cheap place so not having this option really limited my meal planning and food choices.

I finally have a different car so I hope I can now get on track with the challenge. Meal planning, grocery shopping, cleaning, and exercise are all on tomorrow's agenda!

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