Food log Sept. 15

Breakfast (8 am)
Baked Sweet Potato with Apple and Sausage (recipe) I used polska kielbasa and eliminated the onions
2 scrambled eggs

Snack1 (1 pm)
Dannon Blueberry Light and Fit Greek Yogurt

Snack2 (3 pm)
1 oz. deli turkey
1 oz. Swiss cheese

Snack3 (5pm)
Candy corn + peanuts

Daily Totals
Calories: 904
Carbs: 66
Protein: 53
Fat: 50

Ok. Well, that sucked.

I worked Job #2 from 9-4 which is why there were the weird "snacks" instead of "lunch." And it was a long brutal exhausting work shift and I just didn't give a crap about eating dinner. I had a handful of candy corn and peanuts and was in bed asleep by 6 pm. (which was going to be a nap but turned into a full night's sleep of 8ish hours). I have really got to find a different second job. I so totally hate the one I have, for a hundred different reasons. And I've really got to stop buying candy corn. :/

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