Foodie Penpals September

I recently learned about this nifty program called Foodie Penpals that is coordinated by Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean. Participants send off a box of food stuffs to their assigned partner and in return they receive a box of goodies. How fabulous is that? (You can read more about it - and sign up! - HERE.)

My September partner was Julie from Brooklyn. (She doesn't have a blog so I can't link to her.) She sent me oodles of yumminess!


Weird name. Weird stuff. It's dried plums coated with licorice and salt.
The bizarre thing is the pits aren't removed, they're cracked into smallish pieces (hence, the name)
so it's like dried fruit with crunchy bits  I don't think I'll rush out to buy another bag of them
but I did like them and I enjoyed learning of this strange product.


Remember those Pace Picante Sauce commercials where the guys are all horrified by the salsa that was made in New York City? That was my first thought when I saw this jar in my goodie box...lol.
This is some seriously GOOD salsa...heirloom tomatoes, jalapeños, and mangoes. Yumyum.


Two Kind bars with dark chocolate, nuts, and sea salt. I first had a Kind bar at the Color Run 5K
and fell in love. I was pretty much ridiculously excited when I found these in the box from Julie.

a very adorable tiny tin with the message, "Chocolate is good for you." It's filled with coffee beans coated with dark chocolate. Be still, my chocolate-coffee loving heart. 
assorted candies (including the best gummies I've ever had)  in a cellophane gift baggie
chile-garlic powder
a copy of Shape magazine, a very fun addition to the box which I really enjoyed

Thank you ever so much Julie. Everything is PERFECT and I loved my goodie box!

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  1. I've been wanting to try the "Kind" bars. I keep hearing all these amazing things about them. I think the Crackseed would weird me out too. Very nice penpal box!