Gym membership

Squeee! I'm so excited!

A local gym has recently started offering a corporate membership and the company I work for is participating. How this works is that the company pays the cost of one membership ($485/yr) and then divides it among 7 employees ($70 per person/yr). That's a savings of over $400! And for about $6 a month I'll have access to a fully equipped gym with a pool and indoor track plus fitness classes. That's crazy.

I totally need this because I HATE workout DVDs and running is about to become a non-option as the weather gets colder and the days get shorter. And I'm definitely reaching a point in my weight loss where I need to start focus on some toning.

I've researched gym prices and fiddled with the budget and it just didn't seem possible. But now it is! Assuming, of course, that six other people sign up to participate in the corporate membership. The company is big enough that I don't expect that to be an issue, though.

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