More low-fat ranting

Quote from Dr. Jennifer Shults
We are at the end, I hope, of an unprecedented experiment in nutritional human history – voluntarily eating very little fat. During this time obesity rates have skyrocketed, as have levels of Alzheimer’s Disease, infertility and mood disorders. It can be a bit scary to buck the low-fat trend, but there is no contesting the fact that many neurotransmitters and hormones that affect mood are made from fat, and that our brain itself consists largely of fats. How fat got so demonized is a complicated story, and part of the confusion has to do with the fact that not all fats are the same. Here is my simple breakdown to help you think about fat. Fat with sugar (ice cream, donuts) is a bad combination, and should be MUCH lower in most of our diets. If fat is not combined with sugar then our body will give us a signal when we have had enough.
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That's why recipes like this one or this one make me want to bang my head against the wall. Because I know that there are people who look at recipes like this and and think, "Well, it has LOW FAT ingredients, so it's healthy, right?"

NO! No! NO!

(I decided to rant here rather than at my 51 friends who post these crap recipes on facebook all the freakin' time.)

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