Dessert for dinner

Generally and for the most part I avoid protein/meal bars because the list of ingredients is ten kinds of horrifying. (There are some exceptions but this is mostly true.) The thing is, though, they're damn convenient and useful for emergencies.

I recently discovered a meal bar that made me swoon.

It tastes like you're eating a blob of cookie dough. But nutritionally it's like a smallish meal - calories 180, protein 10, carbs 24. And it's wheat free*! Cookie dough is def on my list of things I've missed since going wheat free so....o my g!

And another one I like.....

Calories 200, protein 15, carbs 21. It tastes like peanut butter fudge. Droolness. And again - wheat free*!

*Wheat free but not safe for those with Celiac or who have a severe gluten intolerance. 

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