Finally.....the scale moveth.

I was beginning to suspect that my scale was broken. I've weighed in at 177.6 or 177.4 every day since the 18th. For eleven days....gah. Even the morning after I'd gone out with friends and indulged in (gluten free) pizza and ice cream....177.6.

The scale finally moved this morning. 176.2. Hooray. I seriously doubt I'm going to make my May 1st goal of 174 - two pounds in just two days - but still, 176 will put me at a loss of 8 pounds in April. And I'm very nearly back to where I was before plateau - hand surgery - worst winter ever. It's frustrating to be at the same weight I was back in August (August!) but at least I didn't allow things to spiral completely out of control and I've gotten back at this pretty easily.

Interesting. I was looking back at my old tracking numbers and last year I also got stuck in the 176 - 178 range. Maybe that is my body's "We like it here" place?

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