So much tiny!

Last night a couple friends and I were browsing the clearance racks at WalMart. My friend was looking for a dress for a wedding she is attending and we found her the most fabulous fit-and-flare dress in Tiffany blue and paired it up with some great red accessories. Absolutely stunning!

I tried on a few things though I wasn't planning to purchase anything. And can I just say I am continually mind blown when I try on "tiny" sizes....and they fit? I found a very cute pair of black cigarette pants with a subtle green and purple print, sort of like this:

Size 8. Eight!!! O my g! They fit perfectly and were only $3 but the length of cigarette pants looks weird, I think. (Are they pants that are too short? Or capris that are too long?) My friends disagreed but I still didn't buy them. Although, I'm tempted to go back today and see if there are still there.

I also tried on a pair of jeans. Also, size 8. Eight!!! O my g! I loved how they fit and it was lightweight denim (great for spring/summer) but they were just a wee bit too short which would bug me. Also, two pairs of shorts in size 9 that fit but showcased entirely too much of my inner thigh problem area.

So much tiny. So much awesome. It's just crazy.

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