Wheat free and me

I've been mostly wheat free since the beginning of the year. (By "mostly" I mean I did eat some wheat products at the beginning of January as I eased into the transition, and I haven't been vigilant about avoiding secret wheat that may be lurking in products.) I feel amazing.

No more tummy issues.
No more bloating.
No more aching joints.
No more blood sugar craziness.
No more headaches.

And I haven't missed it at all. No cravings for bread or pasta or sweets. (I do occasionally get a mad lusting for brownies. Which is weird because that was never my go-to thing.)

None of this is a surprise. I've wheat detoxed before and I know my body loves it. In the past, though, I've always slowly gone back to it, reasoning that as long as I controlled how much I'd be okay. (One serving of pasta is okay. A loaf of bread is not.) But this time, I'm not quite sure what to do.

  • Did allowing myself "just a little bit" lead to "way too much"? I mean, is it like drugs or alcohol where you build up a tolerance and need more and more for the same effect and enjoyment?

  • Should I just save it for a now-and-again special treat? Like, I can't imagine not eating a reuben on St. Patrick's, or having a BLT with the first tomatoes out of the garden, or enjoying a gooey toasted cheese sandwich on a blizzardy day, or having a slice of pie at Thanksgiving.  Or is that just "old food thinking" that I need to deal with on an emotional level?

  • Is it just wheat or is it all grains? Could I do gluten free? Is it just wheat that makes me feel awful and gain weight, or is it grains in general?

I guess I'll just have to experiment and find out. I'm feeling so great and the weight loss is going so well that I really don't want to mess with it. On the other hand, St. Patrick's - and the requisite rye bread - is next week so I need to make a decision. 

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