When to weigh

I've been debating about how frequently I should be checking my weight. I know weight fluctuates from day to day and for some people this can be a reason for a total freakout. But my thinking is: what if you only weigh once a week and that day happens to be a day when the number is up a tad? You have no way of knowing if you've had a bad day or a bad week.

I had planned to hide the scale when I hit 199 and not check my weight for a week or two. My main reason for wanting to do this is because I'm starting some hardcore exercise - 30 Day Shred four days a week, cardio two days a week - and my body tends to hold onto a lot of fluids to repair muscles and such. I think if I saw a 2-- on the scale, I'd cry.

But....what if I don't weigh until April 15 (as I'd planned) and I find out that I've gained like 20 pounds or something? (Ok, that's not a realistic number, but it makes my point.)

I'm totally undecided what to do. I like the daily weigh-ins to keep me on track, but I don't want to see the momentary gains that will result from an increase in exercise.


  1. I think it is crucial to weigh yourself daily... even several times per day. You get a sense for what clothing does to you... what time of month does to you and exactly if you are losing. Also, if something you are doing is not working then you can find out about it fast. I weigh myself in the morning without anything on... I weigh myself in my clothing when I come home from work. When I cheat I weigh myself and then see how I can drop weight fast by just starting back on. I have learned a lot. But just make sure you have an accurate scale. I think this helps you NOT freak out because you get to see the weight fluctuate... and so you get a sense of how it sort of rocks down to goal weight... not a straight line.

    1. Thanks for the advice! I definitely agree with you.