You can't always get what you want

Melissa at Life After 42 recently wrote an interesting post  about wishing certain aspects of your appearance were different. In her case, it was wishing she had naturally curly hair and a willowy body shape.

I've never really had a strong opinion about my body image. As I wrote in this post, I've always been kinna unaware of myself physically at all. But do I have a "I wish I was shaped like that" look? Absolutely. I love the hourglass shape that totally rocks the pinup style, like this:

Seriously. That's just crazy beautiful.

I am light years away from being an hourglass. I wonder if I find the hourglass shape attractive simply because it's the complete opposite of my own? Maybe the thought process is, "The way I am shaped is not appealing, so what is attractive must be the opposite?"

I also wonder if our mothers appearance impacts our concept of attractive. Mothers are usually the first - and strongest - influence in how we perceive "feminine" so wouldn't how they are shaped influence our thinking about how an attractive woman looks? I think this at least partially true for me. My mom is a pear/hourglass, and when she was in her teens/20s, she was smokin' hot. I didn't inherit a single gene from her. (Except for the red hair. Although hers is a much lovelier shade than mine.) I'm shaped like my father - broad shoulders, narrow hips, fat tummy, skinny legs. Yeah, I'd rather be an hourglass than a man. :)

What about you? Do you wish for something you can never have? How does your dream look compare to your reality?


  1. Isn't it funny? I look at that photo and I think, "if her hips were smaller, it would look nice. She's too hippy." Yet, I SHOULD like that shape as it is much more like my own than what I like (the willowy type). Though I have never had such a tiny waist OR a flat stomach.

    1. Too bad we can't just custom order a body, eh? lol