June: The Month in Which I Failed

June. June was a bad month on an epic scale.

At first I thought I just needed a break from the whole dieting-food log-exercise thing, as I described in this post. It turns out it was more than that. I spiraled into a depression like I haven't dealt with in months...one of those times when you feel like life is just running you over and it's all just too exhausting and complicated. There's no THING that causes these depression. They just ARE.

I didn't eat too terribly. It was more like skating on the near-edge of On Plan. But I did have to log a weight gain on two different weeks, which I haven't had to do since beginning this journey in January. And my total loss for the month was only 3 pounds. *le sigh*

I did get in a few runs, including the fabulously fun Color Run 5K (which I wrote about in this post). Running definitely helps to battle the Depression Beast.

I'm finally feeling a bit better and I'm hoping (believing!) that July will be a much better month.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you've been feeling a bit down, I've certainly been there and I can relate. I've also found that exercising really lifts my spirits, especially when I exercise to music. Now that June is behind you, I too am hoping that July will put an extra pep in your step, a little glide in your stride and hopefully will bring many days filled with sunshine. Stay strong!!!

  2. It happens to the best of us. Just get on again and don't think about that small bump in the road. 45.4 lbs is amazing.