Food log Oct. 16

Breakfast (5 am)
Hard cooked eggs, sliced and fried in butter
Cottage cheese with applesauce

Lunch (11 am)
Deviled eggs
Cheddar cheese
Celery with peanut butter

Dinner (6 pm)
Salad (inspired by this recipe and this recipe) - fresh spinach, grilled chicken, peppered bacon, feta, apples, honey roasted butternut squash, peanuts, and apple vinaigrette 

Daily Totals
Calories: 1,346
Carbs: 54
Fat: 90
Protein: 90

Breakfast calories were a bit lower than usual and I was ravenous by lunch. (Celery & pb never tasted so delish.) The salad I made for dinner was soooo yummy! OMG...perfection! Overall twas a good day!

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