Happy body and random thoughts

I totally forgot how absolutely fabulous I feel when eating low carb and gluten free. When I drop all the grains from my diet it's like my body is rejoicing and shouting "Thank you!"

No more brain fog. No more achy joints. No more heaviness. No more bloating. No more tummy issues.

Why (and how) can I can forget this?

And the weight is flying off. I weighed in this morning at 178.4 - down almost 6 pounds in 12 days. I'm still not quite back to where I was in August which is sad but I'm definitely back on track again. Yayness!

It's also wonderful to have my appetite back in control. Carbs just make me ravenous. It's like my brain is constantly chanting, "Need food need food need food." To be able to eat just a bit of meat and veggies and feel totally fine? That's so much marvelous.

Oh, and another weird thing about carbs? They seem to dull my taste buds. All of a sudden food has flavor again. I ate some berries and I was swooning over the sweetness. When I was eating too many carbs everything was just.....flat.

I made the switch to almond milk in my coffee this week. At first, it was hard to adjust because it doesn't make the coffee as creamy as milk. But I'm ok with it now. And the nutritional difference is worth it. Calories (in 8 ounces) - 60 compared to 148. (!) Carbs - 8 compared to 12 - and fat - 3 compared to 8.

And I went clothes shopping at Goodwill. I got new outfits for my niece's bridal shower and for Easter. It's so nice to have pretty clothes after a winter of wearing lots and lots of layers and comfy clothes. And it's also fabulous to find myself caring about clothes again. For months my only priority was warmth.

Also, I got my hair cut. Like, super crazy short. I love it and have gotten a few positive comments. But also some not so nice comments. Why do people think the length of someone's hair has anything to do with their sexual preference? Having short hair does not mean I'm a dyke. Grrrr.  I actually feel more feminine and sexy with short hair. When my hair is longish I feel.....messy.

So that's April, so far, in review. May the rest of the month be as wonderful.

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